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Morag 'Call me Mistress' McDougal
2 February 1980
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Name: Morag McDougal.
Age: 21.
Birthday: February 2, 1980.
Bloodline: Pureblood.
Former House: Ravenclaw.
Sexual Orientation: Su Li Bisexual, with a slight leaning towards male every once in a while.
Financial status: Well off. Her father gives her money on a regular basis, and she did inherit a bit from her mother when she turned 21.
Occupation: Unspeakable.
Residence: A flat with Su Li.
Alliance: None/Neutral.
Losses/Injuries From War: None.

Morag decided to stay out of the war, having what she thought to be more important things to take care of. She still believes she made the right decision in it all, and she had more important things to take care of during the war, like her younger brother Steafan McDougal, born on July 8th, 1998. Of course, there can't be a joyful situation without a bit of a depressing one sometimes, and the same day that her brother entered the world was the same day her mother left it. This left Morag to spend the rest of the years of war helping her father, Su, and other close friends deal with their own loses. Now, she just wants to move on.

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